X-2380 Pro Clean 3-Stage Mini Air Scrubber

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Small in size, but not compromising on airflow, the XPOWER X-2380 commercial air purifier is ideal for groomers seeking a healthier working environment. The X-2380 features a highly effective 3 Stage Filtration System that can clean areas up to 1,500 sq. ft.  Simply turn unit on to clean the air of harmful airborne contaminants such as hair, dander, pet allergens, mold, and bacteria.  Groomers and customers alike will enjoy a fresh, clean space that is free of harmful pollutants that can contribute to and aggravate conditions such as asthma, allergies, sinus congestion/pressure, and other respiratory conditions.

Drawing less than 3 amps, the X-2380 offers the ultimate in efficiency and affordability. All 3 stages of filtration are washable and reusable — saving you from costly filter replacements. Two outer nylon mesh pre-filters effectively capture 90% of medium to large contaminants such as fur and dander. The 3rd primary filtration stage is a specially designed pleated purifying filter featuring  a textured surface for maximum contaminant control. A convenient indicator light reminds you when it’s time to clean inner filters.  The X-2380’s powerful commercial grade motor circulates and ventilates fresh, clean, purified air throughout your grooming space.

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