FloLogic Water Leak Detection System 3.5

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The FloLogic FLS0035 Water Leak Detection System 3.5 is known as the circuit breaker for every plumbing system. This revolutionary technology is designed to protect the plumbing in your home or business by detecting irregular water flow before major damage occurs. 1 in 8 homes will suffer major water damage this year because of a plumbing leaks or pipe failure. The EPA reports that the average home looses almost 11,000 gallons of their total domestic water per year due to undetected leaks. The FLS0035 FloLogic System 3.5 not only will alert you that their is a leak, but also provide a safeguard by shutting off the water in an emergency.

Find virtually all plumbing supply leaks and automatically stop them to prevent catastrophic damage with FloLogic–the most comprehensive intelligent leak detection technology available. The FloLogic 1-Inch System installs in your water line as it enters your property and uses exclusive flow-sensing technology to identify all leaks–as small as a pinhole, up to high volume leaks–and automatically shuts off the water upon detection. Enjoy the peace of mind that devastating plumbing supply leaks will never strike you when you purchase a FloLogic System today. The patented system works by recognizing uninterrupted flow that exceeds the norm for the occupancy status of the property.

  • Designed to continuously detect and automatically stop virtually all plumbing supply leaks, which affect 1-in-12 homes per year, starting at 0.5 ounce (1 tablespoon) per minute
  • Installing a FloLogic System qualifies many for home insurance discounts (ask your carrier)
  • Unlike water sensors, the FloLogic System detects all plumbing supply leaks: such as those in pipes, fittings, supply lines and appliances, including water heaters, washing machines and toilets
  • Identifies and stops damage-inducing AND water-wasting leaks alike and unlike cheap, plastic metering leak detection products, FloLogic sees small leaks in real time whereas others can not detect small leaks in real time
  • 1″ full port solid brass valve accommodates up to 50 gallons of water flow per minute–does not affect your normal water use experience
  • Comes with a standard 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects 

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